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Off-road riding requires extreme caution. We prioritise safety by providing appropriate equipment, extensive knowledge, and professional advice for harm prevention.

Low price & friendly

PinkRockTourism LLC offers extremely low prices on all of our services, including dirt bike rentals, quad bike rentals, and dune buggy rentals in Dubai.

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Your guide will take you on an adventurous ride over the sand dunes, with breathtaking vistas and picture opportunities along the way.
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Looking for an unforgettable desert safari experience in Dubai? Look no further than Pink Rock Tourism LLC.

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we bring exciting and thrilling adventure tours to everyone.

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First and foremost, safety.

We prioritise safety by assuring suitable equipment, extensive information, and experienced assistance for harm prevention.

Competitive Pricing

DesertTimeTourism offers extremely reasonable prices on all of our services, including dirt bike rentals, quad bike rentals, and dune buggy rentals in Dubai.

Variety of Options

DesertTimeTourism that best matches your tastes and ability level. If you lack experience in this area, our experts will assist you.

Memorable Moments

This is a ride you will never forget! The energy and excitement coursing through you will make this a memorable experience.

Facilities that are well-equipped

Our facilities are unparalleled, with features such as a high-quality locker, a comfortable changing area, and a refreshing shower.

No Driving License

Driving a Dune Buggy in Dubai does not require a driving licence. To drive, you must be at least 18 years old, and you must be 10 or older to travel as a passenger.
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